“Hassan Ahmed Discusses His Role as Naseer in ‘Baby Baji'”

The hit series Baby Baji has absolutely bewitched the nation of late, with characters such as the compelling Naseer, brought to life by the talented Hassan Ahmed, totally winning the audience over. The suspense is electric – everyone’s on pins and needles, dying to know if Asma will ride off into the sunset with Naseer or if karma will come knocking at his door.

In a heart-to-heart, Hassan Ahmed spilled the beans about his role on the show. He let slip that originally, the character of Jamal had his name on it, but he shrugged it off like water off a duck’s back. He didn’t fancy playing such a run-of-the-mill role. Naseer was the character he had his eye on, but, at that moment, it wasn’t in the cards. Lo and behold, as fate would have it, the producers came back around and threw him the bone of playing Naseer – he jumped at it, no second thoughts.

When it came to Naseer’s hot-headed nature, he said, straight from the horse’s mouth, that folks like that really do walk among us. Moreover, Hassan let on that about a decade back, he had his own share of battles with a fiery temper. But, he turned a new leaf, went through a sea change, and today stands tall as a better man.

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