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Diljit Dosanjh Expresses Apology to Fans as Release of Punjabi Film ‘Jodi’ is Temporarily Halted

Actor Diljit Dosanjh has expressed his apologies to his fans for the delayed release of his highly anticipated Punjabi film, ‘Jodi,’ due to a court order. The actor took to his Instagram Stories to address the issue and express his regret for the delay caused by the legal order.

In a heartfelt message written in Punjabi, Diljit Dosanjh shared his disappointment regarding the delay in the release of ‘Jodi’ despite the tremendous hard work put in by the entire team. He stated that the team had given their 100% effort to the film, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the movie could not be released in India on its scheduled date.

Diljit Dosanjh also apologized to the fans who were eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Jodi.’ He expressed his deep regret to those who were eagerly anticipating the film’s release and asked for their forgiveness for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

In conclusion, Diljit Dosanjh’s post on Instagram Stories addressed the disappointment surrounding the delayed release of ‘Jodi’ and expressed his apologies to the fans who have been eagerly waiting for its release. Despite the setback, the actor remains hopeful and is looking forward to the film’s eventual release, hoping that it will be worth the wait for his fans.

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