Beparwah, the tenth song from Season 14 of COKE STUDIO, is now available for download.

Beparwah is the eighth song from Season 14 of Coke Studio, starring Momina Mustehsan.

Appropriately, Coke Studio Season 14’s only solo is an intimate chat. Beparwah is a hymn for anybody who wants to invoke the protection of a higher power at a time of need.

Calls to divinity have long been a staple of the Coke Studio. Xulfi, Associate Music Producer ActionZain, and songwriter and composer Adnan Dhool, on the other hand, show development in Beparwah. Beparwah has a magnificent, sugary voice and delicate orchestration that make this song soar. It’s a change from the folky songs that were popular in the past.

Momina Mustehsan’s honey-sweet voice begged heaven for a sign that she would not be treated carelessly. Xulfi and ActionZain make it look like the world is reverberating, making the backing vocalists sound like a celestial chorus.The tune takes you on a trip. The ecstatic surges of sarod, harmoniums, synthesisers and human voices transport the listener until Momina’s acapella conclusion returns us to our condition of solitude. The resulting works are as airy as they are extremely intimate.

Momina was immediately touched by the song, having encountered comparable situations in her own life. This bond is reflected in her genuine but powerful singing. Zeeshan Parwez directed the video, which depicts the singer strolling through a magical woodland. Artist Hashim Ali Chaudhry’s incredible painting of nature shows that when we communicate with a higher power, everything is light and love.

Uncertainty and hope coexist in Beparwah; a sweeping, shimmering tune that assures us that assistance is just around the corner, if we only ask.

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