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Anupamaa the 29th of September, 2022. Update on the Written Record Kinjal’s visit into the Shah House

In the current episode, Anupama is telling Baa along with Vanraj to think about the things they did while Vanraj had a relationship with her. She asks the duo not to use emotional pressure or blackmail Kinjal. Vanraj demands Kinjal to return to her family and tells Anupama to not interfere in all things since she doesn’t have to be the center of attention everywhere. Baa is in agreement and asks Anupama what she’d like to witness Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship break as well as ruining their life. Kinjal is willing to go back to her home with Vanraj and then packs her bags. Anupama advises them not to emotionally assault Kinjal. Baa asks if she’s trying to intimidate them, and Anupama states that she’s telling her what she needs to be able to understand.

Kinjal is there and greets Anupama and leaves together with Vanraj along with Baa. Bapuji is delighted to see Arya and starts to pamper her. Toshu is happy and is about to see Arya but stops when realizing Kinjal is very angry. Barkha provides the water Anupama and informs her that they need to assist Anuj with his office since the man is always forgetting. Anupama says that they record meetings, so it’s okay. Barkha is furious, but displays an empathetic smile and walks away. Kinjal says to Toshu that she hasn’t return for his return, so everyone should take her advice. Toshu assures him that he won’t bother her in any way because he’s glad they’re staying together under one roof. Kavya insists that he remember his remarks. He is playing with Arya.

Anuj arrives home and says Anu was upset over Arya going away. Anupama admits she’s scared. Rakhi arrives and asks Anupama how she can allow Kinjal to return. Anupama declares that it was her decision. Rakhi says she’ll take whatever action she can to ensure Kinjal will not forget about Toshu’s treachery. Anupama insists that she not be concerned about Kinjal however Rakhi walks away angry. Anupama gets worried, and Anuj warns her not to interfer with Rakhi or Kinjal.

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