Aamir Liaquat videos case; Dismissed on withdrawal of Daniya Shah’s plea of acquittal

KARACHI: Judicial Magistrate Sharqi rejected Daniya Shah’s plea of acquittal in the case of popular TV anchor personality Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s viral video after lawyer Safai withdrew it.

According to the report, the trial of popular TV anchor personality Aamir Liaquat Hussain was held in front of the Judicial Magistrate’s Court in Karachi City Court.

Accused Daniya Shah appeared in the court of Judicial Magistrate Sharqi. Accused Daniya Shah filed an acquittal petition in the case. Liaqat Gabol stated that the case against Dania Shah is not made after the statement of the plaintiff’s case. FIA has no evidence that Dania Shah made Aamir Liaquat’s videos viral.
During the hearing, accused Daniya Shah said that she wants to change her lawyer. Lawyer Safai Liaqat Gabol withdrew Daniya Shah’s plea of acquittal, the court dismissed the plea on withdrawal.

Liaqat Gabol said in a conversation with the media that it is Daniya’s wish to change the lawyer. Pay my dues I have no objection to give NOC.

It should be remembered that the Sindh High Court had approved the bail of accused Daniya Shah. Aamir Liaquat’s daughter filed a complaint against the accused in FIA.

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