Zarnish Khan received severe criticism for dancing during the crisis.

Zarnish Khan has been known online for a while because of her great sense of style and her perfect acting in popular drama serials that follow each other.

The actress from “Ishq Zahe Naseeb” was recently criticised for releasing a video to Instagram.

The actress Aitebaar has been extremely active on social media, but many of her fans and followers disliked her most recent video. Khan seemed to have fun dancing to Tukur Tukur by Pritam in the Bollywood movie Dilwale.

Khan accompanied the video with the phrase “Tukur Tukur!” and an eye emoji. The video has received more than 45,000 likes.

Pakistan is now experiencing political and economic difficulties, and now a massive natural disaster has struck. Pakistan has experienced heavy flooding.

South Punjab and portions of Swat are experiencing a difficult time, and Balochistan and Sindh are completely submerged. According to reports, hundreds of people have perished as a result of houses being completely submerged in water.

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