Zara Sheikh faces online criticism for her appearance on Nida Yasir’s show

Nida Yasir’s show has always been a source of entertainment and interest for the audience, with various events and guests that make it engaging to watch. However, a recent appearance by actress Zara Sheikh alongside Hareem Farooq caused controversy and trolling on social media due to her appearance and attitude on the show.

Many netizens criticized Zara’s appearance, saying she looked unnatural and was constantly adjusting her hair while struggling to answer Nida’s questions in English. Some even called her pitiful and criticized her attire. Zara also seemed to misunderstand Nida’s question about her expectations for her work.

During the show, Zara revealed that she had faced certain medical issues but had never discussed them publicly. She also expressed her dislike for the term ‘baby’ being used by some in the entertainment industry, stating that it should only be used by those who have a certain level of familiarity or working relationship with her.

Despite the negative reaction on social media, Nida Yasir remained patient and handled the situation gracefully, showcasing her professionalism and respect for her guests.

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