Why Minal Khan Declines Opportunity to Collaborate with Muneeb Butt

Muneeb Butt and Minal Khan, two notable actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry, have individually starred in various television dramas, but they have yet to collaborate on any project. Their fans, along with some TV hosts, have been curious about the reason behind this.

During the recent BOL Entertainment Eid show, Muneeb and Aiman Khan made an appearance. Faysal Qureshi, the host of the show, inquired if Muneeb has any desire to work with Minal and Aiman, but is not receiving any offers. He further asked, “Is it true?”

Muneeb responded by stating that they do receive numerous offers to work together, and he even received an offer for a project with Minal a few months ago. However, Minal declined the offer due to Ramadan serials going on at the time and also because they both were not comfortable working with each other.

In other news, Muneeb was recently seen alongside Komal Meer in the drama series Terey Aney Se.

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