Why did Shamoon Abbasi keep his marriage with Sheree Shah a secret?

Senior actor of Pakistan Showbiz Shamoon Abbasi says that his life has changed after marriage with actress Sheree Shah.

In a recent interview, when asked about hiding his marriage with Sheree Shah, Shamoon Abbasi said that he does not think that everything related to private life should be shared on social media.

He said that when you share your happiness on social media, there are many comments from people, which if you read alone or with your family, it puts a lot of pressure on your mind. Depression occurs.
Shimoun Abbasi said that her community and her friends knew that she was married to Sheree Shah and that her wedding took place in front of everyone, but they did not think it was appropriate to publicize it on social media.

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Talking about the impact on her career after marrying Sheree Shah, Shamoon said that her marriage to Sheree Shah has proved to be positive for her career and now she is doing much more than before.

Shimoun Abbasi said that “My wife Sherry is the owner of a good heart and a patient woman.” There is nothing in them that I had in my previous relationships. She is wise and ever since she came into my life I am mentally satisfied and I thank God.

It should be remembered that actress Sheri Shah had recently revealed her marriage to Shimoun Abbasi on social media, confirming that Shimoun Abbasi had said that she got married 4 years ago.

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