When a man does not value, God takes away blessings: Sana Nawaz

Sana Nawaz, a well-known actress of Pakistani showbiz industry, advised to value relationships.

Recently, actress Sana Nawaz gave an interview to a private channel, in which she spoke openly about the ups and downs in life.

In response to a question during the interview, he said that a person should not be afraid of the difficulties that come in life, but should face them, they come to make us stronger, good and bad times come and go, but it is better. One should try to spend properly.

In response to a question, he said that when a person does not appreciate, the Lord takes away his blessings, then whether that blessing is in the form of relationships or sustenance, a person should be grateful for all the blessings given by the Lord.

He further said that it is difficult to break relationships, sometimes a person has to break some relationships even if he doesn’t want to because if a person does not do this, he can break himself, it is necessary to do this to save himself.

It should be noted that last year the marriage of actress Sana and her ex-husband Fakhar Inam ended in divorce after a long period of 14 years.

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