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Watch: Saba Qamar’s fans loved her latest Instagram video.

Saba Qamar is a beautiful and talented Pakistani actress whose plays, movies, and music videos have been praised by critics. In the past few months, the actress has been in a number of TV dramas and shows. She has also been in a number of successful movies and TV shows, such as Mrs. & Mr. Shamim, Fraud, Ghabrana Nahi Hai, and the upcoming Kamli.

People love the new video by the well-known Pakistani actress, Saba Qamar. The actress shared a video on the app Instagram, which lets people share photos and videos.

Saba Qamar made the video to promote her upcoming new movie, Kamli. In the video, she is wearing a sari, and you can also see the tattoo on her back.

Fans like this video, and they also talk about how beautiful the actress is.

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