Vidya Balan slams’shameless’ actors for their ludicrous roles.

Speaking aboutshamless individuals who propose ludicrous jobs, Vidya Balan says:

According to actress Vidya Balan, Hollywood producers have been known to pitch her projects that are “out of her mind.”

According to an Indian Express interview with Balan, who is recognised for her versatility and women-centric roles in movies, occasionally producers come up with screenplays that make no sense.

The 43-year-old said, “People are pretty shameless and will come to you with anything.”

One of her most famous jokes was: “Brother (why have you come to me)? Sometimes I go, Bhai, but sometimes I don’t. “

The actress went on to say that she’d asked the filmmakers, “Hero ka role de rahe ho (Will you give me the hero’s part?)” on more than one occasion. They have no reservations about taking a risk.


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In spite of this, the Kahaani actress said, “I am not saying that I will only do the most significant parts, but I need something that I can let my teeth dig into,” she said..

When Vidya Balan started working in the movie business at the age of 26, she thinks that she is very lucky.

Her most recent film appearance was in Jalsa, a suspense thriller in which she co-starred with Shefali Shah and Iqbal Khan. The plot revolves around the lives of two ladies, as well as the emotional struggles they face.

Amazon Prime members may now see the film.

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