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Unsettled Loans Lead to Impending Sale of Sunny Deol’s Property

India’s government-owned Bank of Baroda has initiated the process of auctioning the property owned by Bollywood actor Sunny Deol due to unresolved financial liabilities. The distinguished actor, who is also a Member of Parliament affiliated with the Indian political party BJP, is facing a substantial debt of INR 56 crore. Consequently, his property is scheduled for auction on August 25.

The Bank of Baroda has formally announced the auction through a notice published in a local newspaper, revealing that the property linked to the well-known star of the movie “Border” will be up for bid. However, the notice refrains from disclosing further specifics about the exact loan amount procured by Deol from the bank or the precise circumstances surrounding the debt.

The announcement underscores that Deol is required to settle his overdue payments promptly if he intends to halt the auctioning of his property.

It is worth noting that despite these financial challenges, Sunny Deol’s recent cinematic release, “Gadar 2,” has achieved noteworthy success at the box office. The film has impressively amassed 300 crore rupees within a mere ten-day period since its initial premiere.

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