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This was Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend’s gift from his family.

Hrithik Roshan’s family is smitten with his rumored new girlfriend, Saba Azad.

Saba was treated to a delectable home-cooked lunch by her beau’s family.

The actor took to Instagram to post a snapshot of a meal prepared for her by his 48-year-old niece, Suranika, aunt Kanchan Roshan, and cousin Pashmina Roshan.

She captioned the post, “When you’re home sick but have the bestest hoomans ever feeding you,” as a way of expressing her gratitude.

The pair have been caught holding hands multiple times in Mumbai. However, none of them have made their relationship public.


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A post shared by Rajesh Roshan (@rajeshroshan24)

Saba had previously lunched with Hrithik’s family, as his uncle Rajesh Roshan shared a snapshot of the family with Saba on the photo sharing app.

He captioned it, “Happiness is always around.. particularly on a Sunday, notably during lunch time,” he captioned it.

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