There are no servants in the house, I make the suhoor iftar and Hina does the cleaning:

Agha Ali Pakistani actor and host Agha Ali has revealed that he does not have any servants to do chores in his house, he and his wife actress Hina Altaf do all the housework.

Recently, Hina and Agha participated in a special Ramadan transmission of a private TV channel, in which Agha said that ‘there is no servant in our house for washing dishes, cooking, cleaning and ironing’.

Agha Ali said, ‘We keep our house clean by ourselves, we wash our clothes in the machine by ourselves, I cook, this work is my responsibility, I do 90% of the work of making iftar and suhoor, cleaning etc. Is’.

Actress Hina Altaf said in this regard that ‘if the shoot is going on in the middle and one of us has a day off, then he will do housework etc.’

Hina Altaf said that ‘nothing can be more beautiful than doing your housework’.

Agha said, ‘We clean our bathroom by ourselves, immediately after Suhoor we clean our bathroom and then other cleaning is also done’.

The viral clip of the actor couple is being appreciated by the users.

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