The wife of Usman Mukhtar says some interesting things about him.

Usman Mukhtar is a young, good-looking actor. He may not have done a lot of work, but every part he has played has been important and well-known.

Usman Mukhtar and his wife Zunaira Imam are one of our favorite power couples in Lollywood, but they are at the top of the list. We see a lot of their sweet messages to each other. They like each other a lot, and they are a great couple.

Zunaira just started a Q&A on her Instagram account. Fans were interested in what she said about the Ana actor.

“Where is your husband?” asked one of the fans. Usman: “Social media se bilkul ghayab ho gaye Usman?”

“It’s him. He’s okay. He just doesn’t like social media, is very private, and honestly thinks a lot about how much I use it. “I’ll tell him that people miss him and that he should come by more often,” she said.

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