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The price of Shahid Kapoor’s new property will astound you.

On New Year’s Eve, Indian actor Shahid Kapoor and his family will relocate to a new home.

In a statement, the actor stated, “Our children are growing up very quickly, and it is our job to set up separate quarters for them.”

According to Shahid Kapoor, “the property we saw in Mumbai is incredibly vast and roomy, which is excellent for our family and space.”

Shahid Kapoor is now residing in a Joho flat with his family, but will be relocating to his new ultra-luxury property this year, according to sources.

His new flat, according to estimates, cost Rs 560 million and is located in Mumbai’s Bandra Worli neighbourhood.

This two-story flat, located on the 42nd and 43rd floors, is designed in a flourishing style.

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