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The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi.

Kabir Bedi is an experienced actor who has worked in Italy for a long time. He has a long list of credits, including the all-time favourite TV show “Sandokan.” On Saturday, he was given the lifetime achievement award in Venice.

Variety says that at the Venice Production Bridge Market, Bedi received the Filming Italy Movie Lifetime Achievement Award. Bedi, who has been a kind of unofficial ambassador between India and Italy for the past 40 years, said in his acceptance speech that he had been doing this work for the past 40 years.

He said, “For many years, I have tried to get people in Italy to pay attention to India and get people in India to pay attention to Italy.”

He went on, “Since the time of ‘Sandokan,’ I’ve done more than six major series in Italy, and not many people know that my career in Italy is a much bigger part of my life than Bollywood and Hollywood.”

Bedi told the outlet that he quickly realised that he couldn’t be a leading man in Bollywood unless he wanted to be a singing-and-dancing star. He also said, “So I knew I had to try to get a job overseas. and the Italians gave me the chance to go to Italy by giving me the iconic role of Sandokan.”

Based on Emilio Salgari’s books, the TV show debuted in 1976 and quickly became popular in Italy, where it reached a record 34% audience share. After that, the character was in a number of TV shows and movies that were related to it. Tiziana Rocca, a producer and performer, and Roberto Stabile, the chairman of the international division of the Italian national audiovisual organisation ANICA, are said to have given Bedi the award.

Bedi has had a successful career in Bollywood. His early films “Kuchhe Dhaage,” “Ishk Ishk Ishk,” and “Nagin” were all big hits. He has been in American shows like Dynasty, Murder, She Wrote, Magnum, P.I., Hunter, Knight Rider, and Highlander: The Series. He worked on “The Bold and the Beautiful” in the country for a long time. Sources say that he also played the main character in “The Thief of Bagdad” in addition to “Ashanti” and “Octopussy,” which was James Bond movie.

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