The lawyer for Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Adil Khan Durrani, talks about the claims of domestic violence.

A few weeks after they said they were getting married, Rakhi Sawant called the police on her husband, Adil Khan Durrani, this week. Sawant said that Khan was arrested because he hit her and had an affair with another woman.

The Times of India says that Khan went to his wife’s house to meet her. In the meantime, the Oshiwara Police got there and arrested him. Reports say that Sawant filed a FIR against her husband in the past. This happened after the Main Hoon Na actor was seen filing a complaint against her husband at a police station in Mumbai.

Neeraj Gupta, Adil’s lawyer, told The Times of India, “All of Rakhi’s accusations against Adil are false. There is no truth to any of the claims. Do you believe Rakhi Sawant is so frail that any guy could beat her up and she would say nothing?Adil comes from a good family, so she doesn’t have to give her money or make videos for her. When Rakhi and her first husband, Ritesh, broke up, she got money from him. Now, she’s doing the same thing with Adil. I have given the court all of the evidence, including his bank statements.”

On Monday, she talked to the media and said that her mother, Jaya Bheda, died because her husband didn’t give her enough money for her care. Sawant also said that Khan had left her and was now living with Tanu, whom Sawant said was his girlfriend.

She also said that he beat and tortured her. She also said that he used her to become a star in Bollywood. Sawant also said that he stole all of her money and that he is a convicted criminal with multiple cases against him.

Problems with the law for Rakhi Sawant’s husband
Later, on Monday, an Iranian student accused Adil of rape in Mysuru and a new FIR was filed against him. The police say that Adil Durrani raped, lied to, threatened, and blackmailed a female student from Iran who came to Mysuru to study.

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