The highly anticipated Sinf e Aahan OST sung by Zeb Bangash has been released

Islamabad:-The soundtrack of the most watched series directed by film and television director Nadeem Baig, “Sinf e Aahan” sung by the talented and famous Zeb Bangash is now released.

The original soundtrack was composed by Asim Azhar and Hassan Ali Hashmi, and performed by Zeb Bangash and Asim Azhar. The music of the track was composed by QasimAzhar. The song and the storyline of 5 young women played by Sahar Ali, Yumna Zaidi, Kubla Khan, Shiraz Yusuf and Ramsha Khan and their becoming the Pakistani army The official’s personal journey echoes.

Zeb Bangash commented: “I am honored to be part of this soundtrack, with such a talented team behind it.” “This is a powerful and melodious song that depicts the struggle and bravery of the steel women in the show.”

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