The final worldwide ticket sales for KGF Chapter 2

KGF Chapter 2’s run at the box office is almost over. In its tenth week, it’s still showing in a few places, but they won’t add much to the money it’s made, and the business is pretty much done. To date, KGF 2 has made about Rs. 992 crores at the box office in India. The movie made another $27 million overseas, bringing its total worldwide earnings to about Rs. 1198 crores, or just under Rs. 1200 crores. For all practical purposes, the math says that the film made less than Rs. 1200 crores, but since there is no centralised box office tracking in India and there is a lot of estimation in many of the tracking regions, there is a chance of overestimating or underestimating to some degree, so for all practical purposes, it’s the same as Rs. 1200 crores.

When it came out in April, it was the third movie in history to make more than Rs. 100 crores on its first day in India. The movie kept making money at the box office for weeks, passing RRR to become the second-highest grossing movie ever in India, just behind Baahubali 2. The movie brought more than 5 crore people to theatres in India. The final number of people who saw it was about 5.25 crore, which is the third-highest of the 21st century.

All of the critics gave the movie blockbuster ratings, which is very rare. RRR also made more than Rs. 900 crores in India, but the Telugu states did most of the work. Internationally, the same thing happened. RRR numbers did more than half of its business in just one market, North America, while KGF 2 did a lot of business everywhere, from the Middle East to Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Europe.

Here’s how much KGF: Chapter 2 made at the box office in each country:

AP/TS – Rs. 150 crores
Karnataka – Rs. 171.50 crores
Tamil Nadu – Rs. 109.70 crores
Kerala – Rs. 66.10 crores
North India – Rs. 494.30 crores

India – Rs. 991.60 crores

North America – $7.45 million
Middle East – $8.13 million
Australia – $2.53 million
New Zealand – $0.43 million
Malaysia – $2.45 million
Singapore – $0.90 million
Nepal – $1.05 million
Rest of Asia – $0.65 million
UK – $1.46 million
Europe – $1.50 million
Rest of World – $0.50 million
Overseas – $27.05 million / Rs. 206.60 crores
Worldwide – Rs. 1198.20 crores

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