The ex-boyfriend who brutally assaulted actress Anika.. The actress released shocking photos with a swollen face

Malayalam actress Anika Vikraman has created a stir by posting a photo of her face swollen and bruised after being beaten up by her boyfriend.

South Indian actress Anika Vikraman has accused her ex-boyfriend of physically harassing her. And the photos she posted on social media with the injuries caused by her lover’s violent assault have caused shock.

After Anika Vikraman posted on social media that her ex-boyfriend Anoop Pillai had assaulted her, the police have reportedly registered a case against her ex-boyfriend and started an investigation. Anika also took to her social media page to share about their relationship and how he abused her. Anika has been tortured mentally and physically by her ex-boyfriend, Anoop Pillai for years. When I said that I would file a complaint with the police, I forgave him because he cried and begged me not to behave like this again.

“He harassed me for the second time so I lodged a complaint with the Bengaluru police. But he paid the police and got away with it. He continued to beat me and harass me as the police were with him. So I decided to leave him. But this man is not ready to leave me. We are friends, no doubt about it. My He broke my phone so I couldn’t contact anyone. He read all my messages. When I was about to leave for a shoot, he sat on top of me and hit me in the face.

He did that because I would not be able to participate in the shoot if my face was swollen and injured. Anika Vikraman has shared this Nadi through her social networking site with a puffy face. She also shared some photos taken by her ex-boyfriend before he attacked her.

Although Anika has injuries on her face, she has said that she is fine after treatment. Similarly, as her ex-boyfriend has absconded, the police have registered an FIR against him and are actively looking for him. It is noteworthy that the fans are expressing their condolences after seeing the condition of actress Anika.

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