Sonya Hussyn shows how strong female characters should be played.

In her new drama serial, “Jinhe Rastay Mey Khabar Hui,” well-known actor Sonya Hussyn will play Noor ul Ain, a strong female lead who is sure to make an impression.

Ali Masood is in charge of the production of 6 Sigma Plus, which will soon be shown. Fans are already excited for the project to come out because it could show a woman’s journey to becoming successful in her career.

Noor ul Ain, a young woman who works hard to support her family and takes pride in doing so, is the hero of the story. She runs into problems when she decides to keep working instead of getting married right after school instead of moving up in her job.

Since this is true for a lot of women in Pakistan, Sonya Hussyn made this character to bring attention to the problem and ask why women can’t choose their own priorities without being watched and limited so much.

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