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Siksh Chandra Shekhar sent Jacqueline Fernandez a love letter full of love

Eli Wood’s renowned actress Jacqueline Fernandes was arrested by Sakish Chandra Shekhar in a 200 million money laundering case.

According to Indian media, Jacqueline Fernandes is an investigation into the money laundering case as a close friend of the accused and has appeared in court several times to prove his innocence.

Siksh Chandra Shekhar congratulated him in a letter on the occasion of Holi and expressed his love.

The accused wrote that I congratulate Holi on a great man and my very beautiful Jacqueline.

The letter states that on the day of the festival of colors, I promise you that the colors that disappeared from my life will surely bring them back and this is my responsibility.

The accused wrote that you know that I will go to you to every extent, I love you very much and pray that you should always be smiling, you know very well how much I want you.

A few days ago, Siksh Chandra Shekhar confessed to a brief conversation with journalists in the court during a money laundering case that the Jacqueline Fernandes case had nothing to do with.

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