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Shekhar Suman shares his industry experience in response to Priyanka Chopra’s claims about Bollywood

Actor Shekhar Suman has shown support for Priyanka Chopra amid the Bollywood controversy that she sparked with her recent claims. Shekhar has also shared his own experiences in the film industry, stating that he and his son Adhyayan were removed from several projects due to a group of people ganging up against them.

In a tweet, Shekhar revealed that he knows of at least four people in the industry who have joined forces to remove him and his son from projects. He described these individuals as “gangsters” with a lot of clout and more dangerous than a rattle snake. However, he also mentioned that while they can create hurdles, they cannot stop them.

Shekhar acknowledged that Priyanka’s revelations are not new to him since this is how the film industry operates. He also paid tribute to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in his tweet, saying that what happened to Priyanka is the same thing that happened to him. Shekhar added that it will happen to others too since that’s the way the cookie crumbles in the industry.

However, Shekhar sees a silver lining in Priyanka’s decision to leave the industry and move to Hollywood. He believes that she is now a true-blue global icon representing India, and that every cloud has a silver lining.

According to reports from India Today, Priyanka recently caused a stir on social media by claiming that she had issues with many people in the film industry, which led her to leave Bollywood and work in the United States.

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