Shaista Lodhi looks stunning in new pictures with her daughter Eman.

Shaista Lodhi is an actor, hostess, and doctor who succeeds at all three. Shaista has a foundation in medicine and subsequently established an aesthetics centre where she gives treatment to people who want to appear better by resolving problems with their complexion, hair, or weight.

Shaista, the everlasting beauty, was recently seen at a wedding event with her lovely daughter. Shaista is dressed in a traditional multi-colored long gown, while her daughter is dressed in a traditional blue long frock.

Shaista, a talented Pakistani presenter and entertainer, began her career presenting a game show.  Shaista continued to host her morning programmes while working for other private networks. Shaista has appeared in the soap operas Khan, Pardes, and Waada since she first began performing a few years ago. Shaista is a top-notch doctor in addition to her roles as an actor and a presenter.

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