Shahrukh Khan gives positive feedback to Mohsin Abbas Haider’s book ‘Main Hoon.

Lollywood is full of talented entertainers who are willing to put their blood and sweat into making movies. However, Mohsin Abdul Haider has set the bar higher with his latest venture, Fundamental Shahrukh Khan Hoon.

Choti Batain’s star was excited to share the news with his many fans, who in turn gave positive reactions and praised him for giving the crowd an unusual idea in entertainment.

Fundamental Shahrukh Khan hoon only highlights Haider as five characters. These include a lawyer, a cop and entertainer. Haider is faced with a personality crisis. Haider’s impeccable execution was celebrated by netizens, pundits, and they appreciated the variety of his jobs.

Iris Inc is another YouTube platform that launched Fundamental Shahrukh Khan Hoon. Badar Mehmood coordinated the short movie, which was created by Adnan Soddha and Shakil Hussain Kan, and was composed by Hamza Ibnewasi. The film was jointly created with MR Creations. It was scheduled to be delivered on October 1.

Principal Shahrukh Khan Hoon is a hopeless entertainer who idolizes Shahrukh Khan and imitates him until he finally loses his personality to the affectation. The film opens with Shahrukh Khan copying the hero, who is then taught by his soul how to lose his character in order to follow his energy and deity.

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