Coke Studio has released the first song from Season 14, Tu Jhoom, featuring legends Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal, following the release of its season reveal video.

Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal, two vocal powerhouses, are here to affirm what we’ve believed all along: control is an illusion. Season Producer Xulfi employs his musical sixth sense in Tu Jhoom to produce an odd coupling so natural it’s almost lunacy that it hasn’t been done before. “I always prefer to add an element of surprise, since predictable things have limited lives,” he explained.

Tu Jhoom is a tune that is both hypnotically nostalgic and brand new. Season Producer and Curator Xulfi describes it as the most honest reflection of not only his, but the collective’s, experience. After realising he wanted to embrace the anguish within himself, he wrote the song’s storey while playing the groove on an instrument and singing what would become the chorus on repeat. His mind, like a spinning wheel, required a day to allow the melody to come.

Abdullah Siddiqui, an associate music producer, describes the tune as “a great combination of classic sounds—distinctively Desi yet in an updated, almost postmodern sense.”

It appears visually as if it were a fever dream. It’s difficult to tell if Tu Jhoom is inspired by a picture of a Mughal scene we’ve ever witnessed or whether it’s a genetic memory passed down from our forefathers. With its floor-to-ceiling jaalis, earthy colours, and lovely courtyard filled with people yielding to the music, Zeeshan Parwez’s video radiates with warmth. Adnan Dhool’s comments are so substantial and profound that they seem to have been written by Abida Ji herself. According to reports, when the Grande-Dame heard the music, she began humming the first line! Naseebo Lal adds a street-savvy edge with a vibrant tone that stands on its own, drawing on her Rajasthani heritage.

When she states that she is content, the sincerity in her voice shows us that she has actually lived the song’s message. Hearing the tune is like being privy to a well-kept secret. Both artists have complicated personal journeys, and it feels natural to watch them confide in and root for one another.

“Xulfi has created a one-of-a-kind melody that exemplifies Sufi transitional rhythms.” I heard a song on which he had collaborated with Naseebo ji and encouraged him to collaborate with her further, and now we have joined together to deliver this joint effort. ” Abida Parveen stated

“I’m returning to Coke Studio for the second time, but in a completely different way.” Abida Ji is a valuable asset not just to Pakistan, but to the entire globe. I am a tremendous admirer of hers, and it is an honour to share the stage with her. ” Naseebo Lal said

Tu Jhoom is more than just a song; it’s a statement. We’re still standing, and we’re still smiling. With its true-to-soul season opening, Coke Studio puts down the gauntlet. Tu Jhoom may be accessed at the following link:

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