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Sanjay Dutt on “KGF Chapter 2”: “A Dream we all made”

Sanjay Dutt dedicates a special remark to the sequel of “KGF”: Dream we took to the screen as a collective

Sanjay Dutt made a statement to celebrate the success of his new movie, KGF Chapter 2. He said that some movies are more important to him than others, and that the period drama was one of them.

The Munna Bhai M.B.B.S actor went to Instagram to deliver a message to his 5.6 million fans.

He wrote, “There will always be certain films that are more remarkable than others,” Every now and then, I seek out a film that takes me beyond my comfort zone. KGF: For me, Chapter 2 was that film. It served as a reminder of my own potential, and something about it suggested that I might have fun with it. “

This picture reminded me why filmmaking, at its core, is a labour of love. My director, Prashanth Neel, had sold me the concept of the ominous ‘Adheera,'” Dutt continued. All credit for the way my character came out belongs to Prashanth. As the ship’s captain, it is his dream that we have all brought to life. “


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The 62-year-old actor concluded by writing, “This film will always serve as a reminder that whenever life throws you a curveball, you have it in you to do better than that.” Many thanks to all of my fans, family, and well-wishers. They have all been pillars of support for me.

According to Hindustan Times, the actor’s wife, Maanayata Dutt, said that Dutt made the movie during one of the most difficult times of his life when he was ill. during

“The film has been a unique trip for us in more ways than one,” she said. All those who have often characterized him as reckless, uncommitted, and a bad boy must see this video to witness his resolve, devotion, and commitment. “

“Sanju filmed this film at his most fragile period… ours. He filmed all those tough moments with the same zeal as before, “Maanayata said.

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