Sanam Jung Shares Encounter of Being Robbed of $5000, Receives Support from Shahid Afridi

Sanam Jung Recounts Incident of $5000 Robbery, Shahid Afridi’s Generous Offer of Help

Sanam Jung, the popular television personality and wife of pilot Qasam Jaffrey, recently shared a remarkable incident during a podcast. She narrated an unforgettable experience from her trip to Canada with her mother, which took a surprising turn.

While enjoying their time shopping and capturing selfies, Sanam and her mother fell victim to a theft, losing $5000 in the process. The incident left Sanam in shock, prompting her to immediately inform her husband and cancel her credit card to prevent any further loss.

Upon returning to their hotel, Sanam shared the unfortunate event with her mother. However, fate had a pleasant surprise in store for Sanam that very same day. She unexpectedly crossed paths with Shahid Afridi, the well-known personality who happened to be in Toronto for an event. Upon learning about Sanam’s situation, Afridi displayed remarkable kindness and offered his assistance, even inquiring if she needed any financial support.

Sanam was deeply moved by Afridi’s gesture and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for his genuine kindness. Despite her mother’s presence, the considerate offer made by Shahid Afridi holds a special place in Sanam’s heart.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected moments of compassion and support that can arise even in challenging times.

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