Samiya Hassan Ali vacations in Dubai with her sister Kesar Khan.

Pakistan’s cricket stars have always been adored and admired by the country. People are conscious of both their individual and collective successes. The players on the current squad have always been loved and accepted, but because of their positive attitude in the locker room and their enormous social media following, they have seen a rise in love and acceptance. Hassan Ali is one such athlete that is loved by both the supporters and the new players on the field. Fans appreciate his zeal for the game and upbeat outlook.

The wife of Hassan Ali, Samiya Arzoo, recently uploaded a lot of breathtaking images from various locations in Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Miracle Garden. Samiya also made mention of Kesar Khan, a lovely sister and exact twin of Samiya. Samiya loves their families, especially their siblings, without a doubt. She visits her relatives in India three to four times every year.

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