Salman Khan refused to work in ‘Chak De India’ because of Pakistanis

Mumbai: Bollywood’s domineering actor Salman Khan says that he refused to act in the super hit movie “Chak De India” because he did not want to hurt the feelings of Pakistani fans.

It is no secret that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s successful film “Chak De India” released in 2007 was first offered to Salman Khan. But perhaps few people know why Salu Mian refused to act in the film.

Speaking to an Indian website about the film in the past, Salman Khan had said that he has no regrets about not working in the film but I agree that my decision regarding the film was wrong.
Salman Khan gave two reasons for rejecting the film. He had a problem with the climax of the film. The reason for rejecting the film was that if you lose to Pakistan then you have to win from Pakistan.

Another reason was the title of the film. Salomian said he wished these people did not include “India” in the title. I thought it would hurt our fans in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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