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Salman Khan faces criticism for the inaccurate depiction of traditional South Indian attire

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie, ‘Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’, has drawn criticism for its latest song, ‘Yentamma’. The song has been accused by South Indian fans of portraying traditional wear, specifically the veshti or lungi, in a negative light.

The criticism was led by Tamil critic Prashanth Ranagswamy, who took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the song, stating, “What kind of step is this? They’re calling veshti a lungi…and doing some sick move by putting their hands inside it. Worst.”

Other users also chimed in, objecting to the song’s portrayal of traditional wear. One user wrote, “Someone should seriously educate Bollywood about the difference between Lungi and veshti. Veshti is a traditional wear. Seriously irritating to see these types of vulgar dance moves in traditional wear.”

Another user pointed out the cultural differences between Telugu and Tamil cultures, saying, “Bollywood trying so hard to cash in on the ‘Telugu’ fame… that they still don’t understand Telugus are not Madrasis. The blatant ignorance is annoying.”

Adding to the controversy, Ram Charan, a well-known actor from the South Indian film industry, was seen dancing in the song alongside Salman Khan and Venkatesh.

It remains to be seen how the filmmakers will react to this criticism and whether any changes will be made to the controversial song.

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