I have consistently been keen on the countenances, even as a youngster I would consistently notice appearances and I was everlastingly intrigued with how every face is unique and how boundless these varieties are that God has made. Right up ’til today my companions are flabbergasted at how I remember faces and especially individual highlights of appearances.

Beginning Get Lashed is only a characteristic augmentation in my instructive foundation in expressive arts and interest in the human face. Get Lashed is certainly not a “One Brow fits all arrangement”, for each customer I think about what might upgrade their regular elements the most and work from that point.

Despite the fact that I began as the main individual to offer eyelash augmentations in Lahore in 2016, I have since continued on to microblading, which is my generally pursued assistance, we presently offer Ombre Brows, Combo Brows, Semi Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Brush.

I spend significant time in temples and lashes, I have stretched out my administrations to Islamabad where I go each forward night since I have a tremendous customer base there. We have as of late worked together with a top preparing organization in UK and presently give a stage to women who need to seek after this as a profession in Pakistan with a UK authorize accreditation. There is an immense potential for development in this industry, however legitimate preparing is critical and we are offering that at #getlashed_with _saharrazi


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