Saboor Aly Opens Up About Motherhood and Her Love for Travel

Saboor Aly Opens Up About Motherhood and Her Passion for Travel

Pakistani actress Saboor Aly believes in the natural progression of life and the enjoyment of marital bliss, rather than assuming that marriage solely entails bearing children and dedicating one’s life to them. While discussing her views on motherhood, the actress also expressed her love for exploring new destinations and shed light on the challenges of traveling with children.

However, Saboor Aly clarified that she does not shy away from her responsibilities as a mother and is open to having children when the time is right. During a recent appearance on Hina Altaf’s podcast, the talented actress shared her admiration for motherhood and the associated responsibilities. She also expressed her desire to travel the world, emphasizing her love for wanderlust.

Saboor’s enthusiasm for travel is evident from her social media posts, where she frequently shares glimpses of her exotic adventures with her husband and fellow actor, Ali Ansari. In their conversations, Saboor Aly fondly recalled the days when her mother used to travel with her and Sajal Aly, another renowned actress in Lollywood.

“I remember how challenging it was for our mother to travel with me and Sajal back in the day,” Saboor revealed. She acknowledged that traveling with children, even just one, can be quite demanding. Before embracing the joys of motherhood, she aspires to explore various destinations around the globe.

On the professional front, Saboor Aly has been making waves with her notable roles in projects such as “Nanu Aur Main,” “Fitrat,” “Mujhay Vida Kar,” “Parizaad,” “Amanat,” “Nehar,” “Mushkil,” and “Sar-e-Rah.” Her versatile performances continue to captivate audiences, further establishing her as a talented actress in the industry.

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