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Saba Qamar is proposed to by a fan.

A fan on social media has proposed to Saba Qamar, a well-known Pakistani actress.

During an Instagram live session, a young man revealed his passion for the actress and proposed marriage to her.

The young man stated that he wished to marry the actress at the age of 50, but that he was unrelated to the entertainment business.

The young man went on to say that the situation was serious and that it was not a joke.

Rafi Mahmood later highlighted actress Saba Qamar and suggested that she this time ponder marriage while presenting the youth’s proposition.


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Actress Saba Qamar responded to this tweet by saying, “The term “acceptable” does not spring to mind when I think of you.”

Remember that Saba Qamar isn’t one of the most well-known actors in Pakistani drama, despite her brilliance and aptitude.

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