Rashmika Mandanna says the fact that she’s “ex-partners” are her friends

She replied “hello” when asked what she’d do if she met the current lovers of her ex-lovers at a gathering. in an interview Mirchi Plus, she stated, “I remain friends with both of my ex-boyfriends. I really enjoy being able to get to know their families and all the details about their lives, their present and the in the future.” Rashmika concurred that this is not a good quality however she said, “I do, however like being around my ex-boyfriends. That’s good, then.”

Following her debut in film, Rashmika Mandanna became engaged to Rakshit Shetty who is an actor from Kannada actor. When she was filming her debut movie, Kirrik Party, she became enamored of Rakshit. They were married in 2017, but broke after the year 2018. After having a collaboration in the film with Vijay Deverakonda in the films Geetha Govindam and Dear Comrade, it’s been speculated that they’re dating. However, the two celebs have repeatedly denied the rumours and have simply described each other to be “excellent friends.”

Rashmika recently spoke to Mashable India to address speculation that she was dating Vijay Deverakonda “It’s all so cute, but no. As Aiyoo Babu I am. It’s cute. It is true that Vijay along with me worked together on numerous projects at the beginning of our careers. We don’t really know what the field is, and we encounter people who have the same passions, we meet and realize that we have plenty of common friends. That’s how it goes. If everyone thinks, “Rashmika and Vijay, that’s cute,” it is truly cute.”

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