Ranbir Kapoor stunned his fans at the ‘Shamshera’ poster unveiling.

In the film Shamshera, Ranbir Kapoor will appear. Monday morning saw the debut of the first look poster. which attracted his admirers’ interest. However, Ranbir was seen unveiling the poster alongside his followers.

In the most hilarious way imaginable, Ranbir Kapoor shocked his fans. While Ranbir’s followers adore him, he surprises them by ripping off the poster. According to the production house’s official account, he made a badass entrance while doing so. On the other hand, his female fans were observed crying and hugging the celebrity.

In the video, Ranbir says, “Today, my fans were specially invited to the unveiling of the poster for my film Shamshera.” However, there was a minor twist. They were unaware that I would be meeting and spending time with them. “

The action of “Shamshera” takes place in the fictitious city of Kaza. This is the story of a man who was enslaved, ascended to become a leader, and ultimately became a tribe legend.

In addition, the film will include Sanjay Dutt. whose director is Karan Malhotra. It will be released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on July 22, 2022.

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