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Rakhi Sawant Embarks on First-Ever Umrah Performance

Rakhi Sawant’s Spiritual Journey: First-Ever Umrah Pilgrimage

Rakhi Sawant, also known as Fatima, recently captured headlines due to her divorce from her former spouse Adil Khan Durrani. Now, she’s unveiling her plans to embark on a significant spiritual journey – a pilgrimage to Umrah. Umrah holds deep significance for Muslims, involving a sacred voyage to the revered Masjid al-Haram in Makkah.

In an Instagram video, Rakhi Sawant is seen adorned in a hijab as she shares her heartfelt thoughts, saying, “I am setting off for Umrah for the very first time. I have received the divine call. My heart is filled with joy. I humbly request your prayers for me, and I promise to include everyone’s well-being in my prayers.”

The video quickly circulated on various social media platforms, sparking a humorous internet trend with the phrase “100 Chuhe Khake Billi Haj Ko Chali,” symbolizing a transformation from past misdeeds to a sudden embrace of virtuous actions.

Just a day before commencing her Umrah pilgrimage, Rakhi Sawant visited the Mahim Dargah to seek blessings. During a media briefing, she expressed, “Certain individuals (like ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani and friend Rajshree) have inundated me with a barrage of falsehoods. I am here seeking solace. My faith in Allah assures me that my prayers will be heard.”

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