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Radhika Madan appears ready to amaze in a corset top and Cinderella heels.

When preparing to dress for the rainy season, take note of Radhika Madan’s style. You are well aware of how difficult it is to dress when it rains. Therefore, the majority of the time, you do not. However, what if we told you there was a technique for celebs to look fantastic even when it’s raining? Radhika Madan gave us an explanation. The young actress wore a simple costume to a movie screening, but we felt she still looked terrific. She opted for a black top with thick, corset-like straps.

This is a trend that we predicted would be popular weeks ago. It paired well with white narrow jeans that sat on her hips and allowed the top’s cutouts to reveal some skin. The attire was completed with transparent pointed pumps. Radhika maintained healthy, natural skin and a nice bob cut for her hair. Radhika wore only the essentials, so she did not need to bother about layering. She chose trend-appropriate, striking pieces and did not have any extras. When preparing to dress for the rainy season, take notes on Radhika Madan’s attire.

These outfits come the closest to resembling Radhika’s all-black ensemble.

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