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R Madhavan expresses, India should submit films to Oscars

  • Ranganathan Madhavan is noted for playing various characters on screen . He is also highly successful in his work as evidenced in his trio of Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.
  • He’s earned a name for himself in Bollywood in both South Indian film.
  • A popular actor has recently proposed that Indian films could be considered for nominations to the Oscars.

Ranganathan Madhavan is known for his roles on screen . He is a success in his profession as evidenced through his 3 Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. He’s earned a name for himself in Bollywood as well as South Indian film. The actor recently suggested what Indian film should be considered for Oscars.

R Madhavan suggested India submit Rocketry and The Kashmir Files to the Oscars. This is just only a few days after India selected Chhello Show to be its Oscars 2023 nominee.

R Madhavan and Darshan Kumaar said to the that Rocketry along with The Kashmir Files should also be considered for nomination. Madhavan offered The Kashmir Files and Rocketry. “He [Darshan] is promoting The Kashmir Files, I’m promoting Rocketry,” Madhavan declared.

Madhavan declared that the Chhello Show is India’s Oscars 2023 entry. He wished them luck (the crew). Be proud of us if we win We’re waiting for you to please. It’s time for us to do equally well in the cinema as we do across the nation.”

He added, “I wish India has its own Oscar.” We’re trying to show something in India.”

Madhavan declared, “It’ll be fantastic to be able to hold the mantle. It’ll be distinct. The major difference between it and Oscar has to do with the way it alters the status of a person, their money and pay as well as their career when they are in the West. There should be a similar system in India in which the value rises the moment we have a chance to win.”

AdvertisementRocketry The Nambi Effect is R Madhavan’s first film. The film is based on Nambi Narayanan who is played by Madhavan as a scientist working at ISRO. Shah Rukh Khan guest stars.

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