Qavi Khan, a Pakistani actor, died in Canada.

Reknowned Pakistani actor Qavi Khan passed away unexpectedly while getting treatment in Canada, Arts Council Karachi President Muhammad Ahmad Shah said late on Sunday. He was 80.

Shah said that Qavi had lately been ill.

Shah praised the late actor as a “great actor who had made an indelible mark on the showbiz business” in recognition of his ability and talent.

Qavi Khan, one of the most admired and revered actors in the country, received the Nishan-i-Imtiaz, the highest civic honour in Pakistan, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the entertainment sector. He displayed his artistic talent in every form of entertainment over the length of a career that lasted more than four decades, including radio, theatre, and television.

Khan, a native of Peshawar, started acting in the 1960s and quickly rose to fame because of his extraordinary ability and dedication to his work. He was well known for his moving acts, which frequently had audiences spellbound.

Khan has significantly impacted Pakistani show business and permanently changed it. The country and its entertainment industry are in deep sorrow following his departure.

Friends, supporters, and admirers of Qavi Khan from all over the globe have sent their condolences and expressions of sorrow in reaction to the news of his passing.

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