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Priyanka Chopra Waves Gdbye to Her NYC Eatery ‘Sona’

After a thrilling two-year culinary adventure with her New York joint, Sona, Priyanka Chopra is hanging up her restaurateur hat. Word on the street, from a reliable mouthpiece, is that “Priyanka has taken a backseat from her gig at Sona.” Known for its finger-licking Indian vibes, the place isn’t closing its doors. It’s still going to sizzle under the watchful eyes of its other head honcho, Maneesh K. Goyal. Good ol’ Maneesh was quick to tip his hat to Priyanka, saying, “She was the spark that set our kitchen on fire! We owe a ton to her. Even if she’s not stirring the pot anymore, she’s forever a part of our Sona crew. We’ve got some zesty twists and turns coming up, for both of us!”

That same spokesperson added a touch of drama, mentioning, “Sona was a big feather in Priyanka’s cap. But now, she’s got her eyes on the global prize. Buckle up, world; she’s got big plans in the works!” And boy, did the fans have a field day! Scrolling through Priyanka’s Insta, a fan gasped, “Wait, wasn’t it Nick who christened the joint?” Another worried soul typed, “Hope she’s doing okay; that place was her dream.” But an optimistic fan mused, “They’re surely cooking up another big plan. LA diner, anyone?” One more jumped in, “This smells like a mega plan in the making!”

Now, Priyanka isn’t just about fancy dishes. She’s also got her fingers in the pie of luxury with Sona Home. Plus, she’s whipping up magic with her haircare line, Anomaly, and making movie magic with Purple Pebble Pictures.

Last spotted across the pond in London, filming her next big thing, “Heads of State,” Priyanka’s now back, cheering on her hubby, Nick Jonas, at his Yankee Stadium gig. And guess what? Their lil’ munchkin, Malti, was right there, soaking in the limelight.

Oh, and if you’re waiting for the next season of “Citadel,” hang tight! And even though whispers are buzzing about her maybe stepping out of “Jee Le Zaraa” with Farhan Akhtar, nothing’s set in stone. After all, the film’s honcho, Reema Kagti, winked and teased about the “same cast” sticking around, and that means our faves, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt. Exciting times, huh?

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