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Preity Zinta expresses concern over a recent incident involving her children

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has spoken out about two recent incidents of harassment, requesting privacy for her children and herself. Zinta reposted a video of herself being followed by a paparazzo on Instagram, along with a message to the public to respect her kids’ privacy despite her celebrity status. In her message, she explained how a woman tried to take a photo of her daughter Gia and then proceeded to scoop her up and kiss her on the mouth without permission.

Zinta also shared a video of a disabled man who had previously harassed her for money, throwing money back at her friend when it wasn’t enough and getting increasingly aggressive towards them.

Zinta stated that she didn’t react badly as she didn’t want to make a scene, but she is shaken by the incidents. She added that it is high time people realize that she is a human being first, then a mom, and then a celebrity. She requested that people leave her kids alone and not come to them for photos or touch/grab them. Zinta and her husband Gene Goodenough got married in 2016 and welcomed twins Jai and Gia via surrogacy last year.

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