People don’t like what Aima Baig sang at the opening ceremony for PSL 8.

The opening ceremony for the PSL is another thing that people talk about. Every year, we look forward to the shows and fireworks. This year, the National Anthem was sung by Aima Baig in a unique way.

At the opening ceremony for PSL 8, Aima Baig sang the National Anthem, but the crowd didn’t seem too moved by it. After the ceremony started, a number of people said that Aima’s accent wasn’t right for singing the national anthem. Here are some places where you can hear Aima Baig sing the national anthem:

People are saying the following about the execution, and this is how the internet is reacting to it:

Every year, Pakistanis can’t wait for the Pakistan Super League. Off the field, there is a lot of drama and fun, and everyone’s favourite players give it their all on the field. Since everyone in Pakistan loves cricket and there aren’t many other things to do, the PSL has become a necessity that we all love to the fullest.

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