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Passar in Deosai: Mode of 13,497 ft

Passar is a spectacle of a gem theater that has not been explored in the north through Womenswear’s eyes. Inner pleated, high mode silhouette on canvas in color spectrum. Progress and developing fashion in Pakistan since 2017, swooping up enthusiastic fashionistas that are always looking for something different, something new, something that someone else has and it is a title that we have obtained for ourselves.

Like every year, as a tradition of graduating business north for their most awaited campaign this year after planning for months. This year is our call for Deosai, giant land, land that has never dared to shoot the campaign to this day, and this is why, it’s all more special; With a beautiful view of the grass that goes up to the knee and your water body flowing as clearly the sky, Deosai is said to be ‘end the world’ because some explorers may call it. Really, because if the world must end, it must end up with the view of the miracle of heaven, the residence of the Spirit.

The Baltistan people are always wrapped in vibration, symbols when they call it a true spirit where Baltistan has decomposed and loyal to himself. Graduar collects a collection that not only adheres to the spirit of Deosai, Baltistan but has it.

Work on a collection of collections to master the connective technique. In practice, the design of the stripes alternately red, white, yellow and green with a dark brown brocade weaving pattern on the silhouette in sophistication and elegance. Ethnic blends with modern progressive wear in bright poppings from Deosai who brought everything to live around them. Ties come from South Asian culture but now storms outside Central Asia throughout the world. The famous international designer has studied and worked on connective connective techniques.

From a very pleated dress to layered talent-folds of layered skirts. Graduar has revolutionized the way women in Pakistan see fashion since 2017 and continue to do it every year. This is for another trip, another discovery, and another era.

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