‘Parizaad’ Set to Receive Arabic Translation and Rebranding

“Parizaad” Drama Serial to Receive Arabic Adaptation and Rebranding as “Qareeban”

Pakistan’s highly acclaimed drama serial “Parizaad,” which captivated audiences, is now set to be presented in Arabic for viewers in Saudi Arabia.

In a recent Instagram post by Ahmed Ali Akbar, the lead actor of the drama, it was announced that “Parizaad” would be translated into Arabic and given the new title “Qareeban.”

Written by Hashim Nadeem, the script of “Parizaad” resonated deeply with Pakistani audiences. The story revolves around a simple-minded and financially struggling character with a tan complexion, portrayed brilliantly by actor Ahmed Ali Akbar, whose performance garnered immense praise from viewers.

The drama was directed by Shahzad Kashmiri and gained widespread popularity for its realistic portrayal of the story and characters. Now, with its Arabic adaptation as “Qareeban,” the show aims to engage and captivate Saudi audiences as well.

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