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Pakistan celebrities face a reaction to mock Katrina Kaif

Omair Rana, Pakistani celebrity, seems to be the latest recipient of Netizens’ Wrath after he commented on Katrina Kaif’s cheeks. Katrina Kaif seems to be on the news for many reasons lately. Bollywood stars recently in the news after a minister from Rajasthan India commented on his cheeks and said that all the way in the state had to be as smooth as his cheek, which leads to Omair Rana commenting on the same.

But what is the relationship of Omair Rana with the story? Well, Fajar’s image, Pakistan Instagram account recently shares news about stories as posts in their accounts. During the meeting with officers in his state, recently appointed State Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha requested one of the village officials to ensure that all the way in Rajasthan was as smooth as the cheek of Katrina Kaif.

This comment was immediately taken with many who condemned the Minister of sex comment, and also called for poor infrastructure conditions in the country, something that Omair Rana was taken. When the news was distributed by Fajar’s picture, Omair Rana took to summon Katrina Kaif’s cheeks like plastic hinted that the actress underwent surgery.

His comments were not very well accepted by netizens and soon, Omair saw a series of messages called him to mock Bollywood stars. He was also given a sexist label while many also made comments about his attitude. There were some who asked for their comments to be lowered when it insulted and embarrassed to comment on the physical attributes of women and made negative comments on the same thing.

Omair Rana is a Pakistani actor and director and also runs his theater company with the name of real entertainment production. He was highly respected in the theater and was known for several strong shows. However, he was also in the news on the harassment of Lahore Grammar School students even though nothing was proven.

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