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On his 56th birthday, who gave Salman Khan a present?

Salman Khan received the most expensive gifts for his 56th birthday from numerous actors, including his father, the contents of which have now been revealed.

According to the news agency’s source, Salman Khan recently celebrated his 56th birthday, for which he received the most costly gifts, including the most expensive gift from his father, Saleem Khan.

According to rumours, Saleem Khan has given him an apartment in Joho, Dubai’s busiest area, valued at roughly Rs 12-13 crore, while Ayush Sharma, Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, has given him a chain valued at around Rs 73 thousand to 75 thousand.

Salman Khan’s two brothers did not disappoint with their gifts, and they were among the most expensive. Arbaaz Khan presented him with a luxurious automobile worth Rs. I gave a present.

Apart from that, he received the most expensive presents from other Bollywood celebrities. 

Katrina Kaif, stunning actress who just married, presented Salman Khan gold bracelet costing Rs lakh to Rs lakh as gift. 
He received leather jacket worth INR 27 to 29 lakh from Anil Kapoor.
Salman Khan’s 56th birthday party was hosted at his private farmhouse, and Bollywood celebs, including his family, were in attendance.
Salman Khan is known for providing the most extravagant gifts to friends and family, and he recently bought Katrina Kaif Range Rover for Rs 30 million as wedding gift.

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