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Obscenity and nudity should be banned on online streaming platforms, Salman Khan

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is in favor of censorship on OTT, saying quality and family entertainment content will be healthy for streaming platforms.

According to an Indian media report, in a recent statement in support of censorship on online streaming platforms, Salman said that there is a need to stop ‘obscenity, nudity and profanity’ on OTT.

Salman Khan said that ‘I really think there should be censorship on the OTT medium. Obscenity, nudity, abusive language should be stopped.
Explaining the reason behind this, Salman said that now even 15-16 year old children can watch all this on their phone under the pretext of reading. Would you like your little daughter to see all this? Would you like your young daughter to use this device as an excuse for a project?

Salman Khan said that I think content should be checked on OTT, the cleaner the content, the better it will be and the viewership will be more.

He added that you have done everything, showed everything, loved, kissed, exposed everything and now you are entering your building and your watchman is also watching this, it is not right. understand

Tiger of Bollywood said that we don’t need to do this we live in India a bit is fine but in the past days inappropriate content on OTT has increased a bit now it has come under control now people are very nice and decent. Have started working on the content.

It should be remembered that Salman Khan will soon appear on the screen once again in his film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.

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